Scott and Bailey – Series 5

I’m not even sure this can be counted as a series as it’s only 3 episodes long, however, the rumours are this was the final series and the writers were trying to wrap it all up.  Personally, I think the whole series was good enough to deserve a longer more meaningful send off.


The murder investigation storyline was actually a very good premise but it left little time for the character development which was a shame as this is what made the series that bit better than others of its type. As always, the main leads (Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp)  are both very good and the interaction between them is very believable (you really do think they are best mates).


Verdict: Good main storyline but the personal issues where not as prevalent as per previous series. You could just about get by without watching the previous  series but I woudn’t recommend it.





  • Good Acting
  • Good Storyline


  • Not enough episodes
  • Not enough time for character development

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