Yearly Review – 2016

Although 2016 didn’t produce any new films to go into my all-time top 20, it did bring us two exceptional kids films; Kubo and The Two Strings and The Jungle Book, as well as some cracking 12A’s; Fantastic Beasts, Arrival, Midnight Special and Captain America: Civil War.


We also welcomed the first of the Star Wars ‘Stories’ and it was a lot better than expected. This bodes well for the young Han Solo film (but I hope we get an original storyline). Staying with Disney franchises, Marvel continued besting DC on all fronts, Captain America: Civil War was way better than Superman vs Batman, Dr. Strange was slightly better than Suicide Squad and Daredevil/Luke Cage were miles in front of The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow (which was truly awful). I must also mention Deadpool which proved that adulted rated superhero films do have a place if they are done well. Let’s hope it improves Wolverine.


On the crap side there weren’t too many howlers, however, the Ghostbusters remake really was as bad as pundits predicted and Independence Day 2 was plain shocking, even Sausage Party was more miss than hit. At least Gods of Egypt didn’t take itself seriously (I hope it didn’t anyway).


I may have stopped writing TV series reviews but if pressed I would have to say that Line of Duty (series 3) was my favourite of the year and the only show that I couldn’t wait until the next episode came out. Game of Thrones and Walking Dead continued to be highly entertaining and I was very impressed by Marco Polo, Night Manager, 11.22.63, The Fall, The Americans, Stranger Things and West World. Planet Earth II also looked amazing and had some astonishing wildlife scenes.


Thinking about what’s coming in 2017, the films I’m looking forward to are; John Wick Chapter 2, The Dark Tower (love the books), Kong: Skull Island, Alien Covenant, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, War for the Planet of the Apes and Blade Runner 2049. TV wise, we finally see another series of Attack on Titan and it will be interesting to see what they will do with Star Trek: Discovery Series, Stranger Things season 2 and The Punisher (the best thing about Daredevil series 2).


Verdict on 2016: An unexpectedly great year for kids films, proving that you can go to the cinema with your little ones and get great entertainment too.


Film of 2016: A very close call this one but for sheer originality and beautiful animation, I would go for Kubo and The Two Strings (it was simply mesmerising).


TV Series of 2016: Line of Duty Series 3 (just pipping Game of Thrones and West World).