About the Blogger/Blog

About the Blogger:

I love films…..and good telly……and writing…..….and……….(play a drum roll in your mind)…….I have opinions about them. I know, I know, everyone has opinions but, in a moment of unparalleled generosity, I’ve decided to share mine with anyone who’s out there.


I’m a regularly cinema attendee (preferring Vue if possible as they have the best seats) and end up watching a variety of genres due to my wife and kids. The same applies to telly……..


My personal preferences are anything original and clever but I tend to bend towards Action/Sci-fi/Fantasy. However, at the end of the day, if it’s good it’s good, no matter what the subject matter.


About the Blog:

I’d always toyed with the idea of a blog and thought I’d give it a shot after some encouragement (well it was nagging really) from a work colleague (you know who you are!).


I’ve read ‘Empire’ since the very beginning (and probably have all of them hidden away in the loft somewhere) and, although it’s a great film magazine, there is one thing that always irks me. The reviews contain too much detail and often give subtle hints at what happens (although I will credit them that they don’t reveal the major plot points). This is a level of detail I don’t want to know. In fact, due to this, I never read the review of a film until after I’ve seen it (I watch the trailers as they are unavoidable when you go as often as I do and that is enough for me to make a decision on what to see).


This got me thinking, am I the only person who thinks like this? I may be wrong but I’m thinking not, hence the reasoning behind this blog. I therefore intend to write small(ish) reviews without revealing any spoilers (at least not on purpose) of any films that I see as well as any TV series (once the season/series is complete).


If you like what you see/read then I’m pleased to hear from you. If you don’t then I would still like to hear from you and I will do my damnedest to respect your opinion (I will at least give it my best shot).


UPDATE: I did not realise just how time consuming it would be to include all televsions series so have abandoned that part and will now only cover films. However, this should allow me to get back on track as I have been slacking on the update front.

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