A Star is Born

Several people had recommended ‘A Star is Born’ to me, so I was pleased to fit in a cinema visit so long after it was originally released. The recommendations were not wrong, it really was a terrific film with superb acting and great music.


The title really does give away the whole plot so I’m not covering that and I’m sure you are aware its a remake (or more like a modernisation) of a film that has been done a couple of times before (with the Barbara Streisand version being the most well-known). For me, this version is way, way better and far more believable and grounded.


The acting all-round is fantastic with Bradley Cooper (BC) and Lady Ga-ga (LG) knocking it out of the park. There is one very emotional scene from BC that was simply mesmerising. Give the man an Oscar.


The direction is also excellent with the whole live concert feel being the best I’ve seen (even better than Bohemian Rhapsody). It was more like a documentary in places it felt that real. Give the Director an Oscar.


The songs are great as well and really well sung. There was an odd bit when Lady Gaga sung a modern song (that sounded like something Cheryl Cole would do) but I think it was done on purpose as it was so bad it made me laugh.


To think that Bradley Cooper not only wrote some of the screenplay, some of the songs, sung in it, starred in it, produced it, directed it, is simply amazing.


Verdict: A directorial and musical triumph that I can heartily recommend. Should do very well at the Oscars (at least it deserves to).





  • Excellent Acting and Directing
  • Modern and Realistic Storyline
  • Great Songs

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