Greta is not a bad thriller at all, its well acted, has the odd disturbing bit and does make you think a bit. However, it’s not that original and doesn’t make you jump.


Plot is the basic bonkers stalker type of scenario but you do at least have some sympathy with the stalker (at least for a while anyway!). As per most of these films, you can’t help but think what you would do under these circumstances, or probably more of a “I wouldn’t do that if I was you” thought, however, lets face it, not many of us will ever experience a situation anywhere like this in real life so we have no real idea what we would do.


Not much else to say really but it’s worth noting that my daughter actually really liked it (giving it a 9/10) and so did the Wife so perhaps I expect too much?


Verdict: Worth a watch if you like this type of film but there are better examples of its type out there (Misery or Fatal Attraction come to mind).





  • No Jumpy Moments
  • Unoriginal

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