Terminator 2 (3D special release)

T2 is still an excellent sci-fi action film, even after 25 years of repeat viewings.


This watch was of the one-off 3D cinema release on Judgement Day (29th August) and I still totally loved every minute of it. The 3D conversion was excellent and added real depth to some scenes whilst not distracting you from the non-stop action.


The plot remains similar to the original (a Terminator is sent to kill someone and a big long fight/chase ensues), however, there is more heart and characterisation this time around, as well as a bigger budget and ground breaking (for the time) effects. What sets T2 apart from most other sci-fi action films is the excellent and clever storyline, it just makes sense and people’s actions are for a reason and believable (as much as a killer robot from the future can make sense). How it can also be funny, sentimental and relevant is beyond me but that’s James Cameron for you.


The action is terrific and still contains some of the best driving stunts ever done as well as a novel use for a grenade launcher. Even now, the special effects are great and the fact that lots of the action is real and not CGI really helps.


Some people might think the acting is not that great but not me. Ed Furlong gives a great teenager performance, Robert Patrick has a inhuman robotic stare, and Linda Hamilton is suitably psychotic considering the shit she knows is going to go down and of course, Arnie, well he’s just the perfect Terminator.


And lest I forget James Cameron…….he is close to, if not, the best action director ever.


Verdict: Quite simply, one of the best sci-fi action films ever made. Watch it.





  • Superb Action Scenes
  • Clever and Interesting Storyline
  • Memorable and classic dialogue


  • Nada

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