Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (extended version)

There are reasons LOTR:ROTK has 11  Oscars, it’s fantastic, a truly remarkable achievement of bringing to conclusion the best fantasy trilogy ever made.


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen LOTR:ROTK  but we are probably into double figures. And am I bored re-watching it, no. I still felt drawn into Middle Earth, could feel the burden of Frodo, cheered on the charge of the Rohirrim and felt suitably sad at the end. This watch was so the kids could complete the whole trilogy and they loved it as well (but were a bit bored by some of the quieter moments).


There were a couple of things I particularly appreciated this time round, the ring, the soundtrack and Gollum. Peter Jackson does a great job of giving the ring its own identity and you imagine its alive (I think it helped that we had the sound bar bass turned to the max as this really emphasised the beating of the ring). The superb Howard Shore soundtrack provides many great and memorable themes, particularly the lighting of the beacons and the main battle. Then we have Gollum, he’s just fab, so well done you forget he’s CGI and given such a clever balance between humour, innocence and evil that you feel, laugh and loath him all at the same time (should have had an Oscar if you ask me).


Word to the wise, if you want to experience the full story then do watch the extended version as there is so much more character development (and it makes much more sense). However, remember to set aside a full 4.5 hours as watching in two sittings just isn’t the same.


Verdict: Quite possibly the greatest fantasy film ever made (tied with Fellowship of the Rings IMHO).





  • Fitting end to an amazing trilogy
  • Rousing and Epic Sountrack


  • You need to put aside a long time for the extended version

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