Mad Max : Fury Road

Mad Max : Fury Road was my favourite film of 2015 as I was blown away by the non-stop action and amazing car stunts (the cinema also had the speakers at full blast which added to the atmosphere big time). It was still very good at home but definitely lost a bit of something.


In case you don’t know, MM : FR is based in an apocalyptic world where water and fuel are the two most important resources. This particular story centres around Furiosa (played excellently by Charlize Theron) leading a group of ladies to the promised land. To tell you anymore would ruin some of the twists but it’s all very clever (if somewhat wacky).


Tom Hardy did not make a good Max in my opinion but it doesn’t really matter as he doesn’t need to act much (just the occasional grunt) and TBH the film is more about Furiosa (although there is also an excellent, crazy turn, by Nicholas Hoult as Nux).


Verdict: A superb, all action film with amazingly choreographed car stunts. Can’t wait for the prequel/sequels.





  • Interesting and Intriguing Universe
  • Amazing Car Stunts

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