For a Few Dollars More

Thought I’d try a classic western on the kids and it went pretty much as expected, i.e. son thought it was good and is up for watching more westerns but daughter was a bit bored as apparently nothing happened. However, both agreed the soundtrack was fab.


As far as I’m aware, ‘For a Few Dollars’ more is not a sequel to ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ but does have the same “Man with no Name” character played by Clint Eastwood (although he’s ably supported by Lee Van Cleef (LVC) this time round) and is also directed by the late, great, Sergio Leone.


Plot is simple (couple of bounty hunters track down a big bad) but the execution is clever with lots of cool interplay and subterfuge between the main characters. Clint is obviously very good and watchable but I was surprised by just how good LVC (makes me think he was a bit underrated) and Gian Maria Volonte (the baddie) were. The interaction and posturing between the three of them elevates the film about the norm.


I can’t finish without mentioning the soundtrack, its amazing and is practically a member of the cast as it dictates the mood and the actions of the whole film. It’s one of, if not, the best western soundtrack ever. I recommend listening to it.


Verdict: A spaghetti western classic that everyone should see at least once (even if it’s just to listen to the soundtrack).





  • Cool, Clever and Crafty
  • Unforgettable Soundtrack

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