What to Watch – Ratings Guide

As part of a review of this whole blogging lark, I realised that the Rating System was not reflective of what I had written. I had originally intended to have a 5 star rating system like many others but could only find a free review plugin that covered 1 to 10. However, I biffed and started to mark everything as 5 upwards (this effectively meant that a 6 was really a two star and 9 was really a four star). As was pointed out by some friends this made it look like I only gave good reviews. Hence, as part of an end of year revamp, each Film/TV series has been re-rated according to the following rating:

10 – A Must Watch

9 – Almost a Must Watch

8 – A Very Good Watch

7 –  A Good Watch

6 – Worth a Watch

5 – Watchable

4 – An OK Watch

3 – Watchable if you like that sort of Thing

2 – Only Watch if you Really Have to

1 – Do Not Watch